NG07TNR Compact Combination T-Bar Lock Non Resettable Lock

The Noble NG07TNR Non-Resettable Fixed Combination T-Bar Lock is a smart security solution for your laptop with a Standard T-Bar slot. Enjoy the innovation and convenience of a combination solution, the NG07TNR Combination Wedge Lock gives the owners the freedom of keyless security. Each lock is personal and secure, and the combination is set to a single pre-set fixed combination. The Noble Wedge Lock is factory tested and can hold up to 150 pounds force.

This system also includes the patented Noble Peripheral Trap allowing you to secure your power cables or other peripheral devices.

The NG07TNR Noble Compact Wedge Lock comes with the lock attached to a 6 ft/1.82m reinforced steel cable, Peripheral Cable Trap and a Storage Pouch. Noble offers a Two-year limited warranty on this product.

The NG07TNR is designed for Dell laptops featuring a T-Bar lock slot.


Noble Locks guarantees that the lock you buy from will fit your laptop or desktop.

If for some reason it does not fit, please fill out this form with your order number and will replace it with the lock that fits.



Non-Resettable Combo Lock 

Factory pre-set & serialized combination lock allows IT departments to easily manage lock deployments, eliminating the problem of lost keys and managing the combination locks. Registering your lock on allows for your combination look up when necessary.

4 mm Hardy Stell Cable with Anchor 

Braided intertwined steel cables create a cut resistant theft determinant defense. This 6’ ft cable also has a loop to allow you additional flexibility to adopt and reinforce your connection. The 4 mm thick cable is easy to carry and allows for mobility

4 mm hardy steel cable with anchor Noble Locks

360 Degrees Head Rotation

Not only does the cable spin at every angle allow your laptop to lay flat at all times, but the unique Wedge lock head also rotates adding extra protection if someone tries to snap your lock.

Noble Peripheral Trap

Secure your charger and other accessories with our patented peripheral trap. Run cable of your USB Type C, USB & HDMI accessories through the trap before inserting lock inot slot and create a secure environment for all of your technology.


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