Noble Wedge Lock Technology

Why the Wedge Design

Noble's locks and anti-theft products are a departure from traditional locking systems and, Noble Locks designed and developed the Noble Wedge Slot design to meet the needs of thinner laptops while keeping security as the first priority.

We have designed several different lock models featuring the Wedge Lock to meet a wide variety of needs. Noble offers products with a barrel key, flat key, combination lock, combo + barrel key. Check out all of the Wedge locks. 

Noble Wedge Lock Head

The patented Noble Wedge Lock Head is designed to meet the security needs of the thinnest, most desirable laptops. The Noble Wedge Lock head slides into the purposely built wedge slot matching its name. The wedge design grips and protects your laptop like no other. Tested up to 150 pounds force.


Noble Wedge Slot 

The security wedge slot design was designed by the Noble engineering experts and adopted by the industry to solve the height issue of sleeker low-profile laptops. This patented design gives the lock head additional area to grab onto and create a more powerful grip on your equipment deterring theft.


360 Degrees Head Rotation

Not only does the cable spin at every angle allow your laptop to lay flat at all times, but the unique Wedge lock head also rotates adding extra protection if someone tries to snap your lock.


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