MacBook Air 11 Bracket Lock Kit

MacBook Air 11 Bracket Lock Kit
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    It's Finally Arrived!: The first and long-awaited MacBook Air locking bracket for MacBook Air 11. An anti-theft accessory as cool as your MacBook Air.

    How Does it Lock? Most MacBook Air owners have to use a bulky lockable cover to protect their computer if they want security. NobleLocks has developed a simple, sleek security solution that appears to be part of your beautiful MacBook Air. The MacBook Air bracket is constructed of molded aluminum with a contoured design to insure a clean fit to your MacBook Air. Your MacBook Air can be quickly secured with the included patented Wedge cable lock which can have a master key option for large customers. With the MacBook Air Lock kit you can now have a security solution and maintain the stylishness of the MacBook Air.

    The MacBook Air 11 Lock Kit Includes:
    MacBook Air 11 Security Bracket : $29.95 Value
    Wedge Profile Cable Lock : $39.95 Value
    Total Bundle Value: $69.90
    Your Price : $59.95
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